The Chromie Squiggle Museum

A curated collection of the rarest of Chromie Squiggles

Squiggles with only 13 color hues displayed

This is the lowest amount of colors hues displayed in a squiggle across the entire collection. Only slinkys and 1 pipe fit the bill. The look is essentially a solid color Squiggle. Pretty cool.

Bold HyperRainbows

Bold HyperRainbow Squiggles are fat and colorful.

Pipe HyperRainbows

Pipe HyperRainbow Squiggles are one of the most exclusive subsets of squiggles. These particular squiggles could stand on their own as fine art.

Fuzzy HyperRainbows

These range from 24,000 to 38,000 total hues displayed. So, colors repeat over 148 in the most extreme case. Squiggle #624 shows the single most colors of any squiggle. Wow!

Slinky HyperRainbows

The clowns of the squiggle collection. A lot of fun!

Ribbed HyperRainbows

Some legendary squiggles in this collection.

Perfect Spectrum Ribbed

These are the rarest of the rare, but of a particular taste.

Full Spectrum Bold

These are some of my personal favorites lacking only the beautiful shapes that the standard squiggle type can provide.

(Perfect Spectrum) Fuzzy

These aren't technically perfect spectrum, though they do show all 256 color hues exactly once, thus meeting the requirements for perfect spectrum, so I'm not exactly sure why they aren't treated as such. They just get there a different way with a large color spread of 47, but a proportionally large amount of steps between each segemnt of 1,000. When those two variables are coupled with a squiggle of 12 segments, you get 256 hues of color perfectly displayed.